Homologous series

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Melting points from methanoic acid to eicosanoic acid

1methanoic acid8
2ethanoic acid15.5
3propanoic acid-36.5
4butanoic acid-5.7
5pentanoic acid-59
6hexanoic acid-3.4
7heptanoic acid-8
8octanoic acid16.7
9nonanoic acid12
10decanoic acid31.6
11undecanoic acid29
12dodecanoic acid43
13tridecanoic acid41
14tetradecanoic acid58
15pentadecanoic acid53
16hexadecanoic acid63
17heptadecanoic acid61
18octadecanoic acid69.6
19nonadecanoic acid69
20eicosanoic acid75