methyl (Z)-9-octadecenoate

methyl (Z)-9-octadecenoate; methyl (Z)-octadec-9-enoate; methyl cis-9-octadecenoate; methyl oleate; oleic acid methyl ester
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Formula:C19H36O2; 296.49 g/mol
Molecular structure of methyl (Z)-9-octadecenoate
Use:duplicating and stamping inks; plasticizer for coatings, lubricants etc.
Density:0.870 g/mL
Molar volume:340.8 mL/mol
Refractive index:1.455
Molecular refractive power:92.46 mL/mol
Dielectric constant:3.24
Dipole moment:1.60 D
Melting point:-20 °C
Log10 partition octanol / water:7.45
Hildebrant solubility parameter (δ):8.6
Hansen solubility parameter:δd: 7.9 (cal/mL)½   δp: 1.9 (cal/mL)½   δh: 2.2 (cal/mL)½


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methyl (Z)-9-octadecenoate
Molecular structure of methyl (Z)-9-octadecenoate
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