s-butanol; sec-butanol; (±)-2-butanol; 2-butanol; butan-2-ol; DL-2-butanol; sec-butyl alcohol; butylene hydrate; ethylmethylmethanol; 2-hydroxybutane
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CAS RN:[78-92-2]
Formula:C4H10O; 74.12 g/mol
Molecular structure of 2-butanol
Use:dye intermediates; dyes; esters; fruit essences; lacquers and lacquer thinners; organic chemicals; perfunes; secondary butyl compounds; wetting agents
Density:0.807 g/mL
Molar volume:91.8 mL/mol
Refractive index:1.395
Molecular refractive power:22.02 mL/mol
Dielectric constant:15.80
Dipole moment:1.41 D
Melting point:-115 °C
Boiling point:99 °C
Vapour pressure:13 Torr
Antoine equation
P(Torr) vs T(°C)
Vapour pressure vs temperature
Surface tension:23.00 dyn/cm
Viscosity:3.70 cP
Critical temperature:263 °C
Critical pressure:41.4 atm
Critical volume:268.00 ml/mol
Evaporation rate (ether):13.0
Evaporation rate (butyl acetate):0.9
Solubility in water:20 % w/w
Solubility of water:65 % w/w
Log10 partition octanol / water:0.61
Dimroth ET:47.1
Hildebrant solubility parameter (δ):10.8
Hansen solubility parameter:δd: 7.7 (cal/mL)½   δp: 2.8 (cal/mL)½   δh: 7.1 (cal/mL)½
Kauri butanol value:195
100g dissolves:
40g water
1g dissolves in:
4.44g water
Specific heat capacity:40.0 cal/molK


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