diethyl ether

diethyl ether; diethyl oxide; ether; ethoxyethane; ethyl ether; ethyl oxide; 3-oxapentane; 1,1'-oxybisethane; sulfuric ether; vinic ether
In russian:этиловый эфир
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📖Org. Chem., v. Richter, 1. Vol (Ethyl Ether); p. 127
MeSH:Anesthetics; Anesthetics, Inhalation; Central Nervous System Agents; Solvents
Formula:C4H10O; 74.12 g/mol
Molecular structure of diethyl ether
Density:0.713 g/mL
Molar volume:103.9 mL/mol
Refractive index:1.352
Molecular refractive power:22.50 mL/mol
Dielectric constant:4.33
Dipole moment:1.30 D
Melting point:-117 °C
Boiling point:35 °C
Vapour pressure:442 Torr
Antoine equation
P(Torr) vs T(°C)
Vapour pressure vs temperature
Surface tension:17.06 dyn/cm
Viscosity:0.24 cP
Critical temperature:200 °C
Critical pressure:35.6 atm
Critical volume:280.00 ml/mol
Evaporation rate (ether):1.0
Evaporation rate (butyl acetate):11.8
Solubility in water:7 % w/w
Solubility of water:1 % w/w
Log10 partition octanol / water:0.87
Snyder P':2.8
Snyder X:Xe: 0.5    Xd: 0.1    Xn: 0.3
Solvent strength (ε0, silica):0.38
Solvent strength (ε0, alumina):0.38
Dimroth ET:34.5
Hildebrant solubility parameter (δ):7.4
Hansen solubility parameter:δd: 7.1 (cal/ml)^0.5   δp: 1.4 (cal/ml)^0.5   δh: 2.5 (cal/ml)^0.5
Immiscible with:
1,2,3-propanetriol,    1,3-propanediol,    2-(2-aminoethylamino)ethanol,    ethanediol,    formamide,    triethylene glycol
Partially miscible with:
Miscible with:
(+-)-3-chloro-1,2-propanediol,    (E)-3-phenyl-2-propenal,    (R,S)-2,3-butanediol,    1,2-diacetoxyethane,    1,2-diethoxyethane,    1-heptadecanol,    1-tetradecanol,    2,4-pentanedione,    2,6,8-trimethyl-4-nonanone,    2,6-dimethyl-4-heptanone,    2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol,    2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanol,    2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethanol,    2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol,    2-bromoethyl acetate,    2-butoxyethanol,    2-chloroethanol,    2-ethoxyaniline,    2-ethoxyethanol,    2-ethylbutanoic acid,    2-ethylhexanol,    2-methoxyethanol,    2-phenoxyethanol,    2-propanone,    3,6,9-trioxaundecane,    3-chloropropanol,    3-heptanol,    3-methyl-1-butanol,    3-methyl-2-butanone,    3-methylbutyl acetate,    4-hydroxy-4-methylpentan-2-one,    4-methyl-2-pentanone,    4-methylpentanoic acid,    4-oxa-2,6-heptandiol,    N,N-diethylformamide,    N,N-dipropylaniline,    N-(2-aminoethyl)ethane-1,2-diamine,    a-methylbenzyldimethylamine,    benzaldehyde,    benzene,    benzyl alcohol,    butanol,    butyl acetate,    dibenzyl ether,    dibutyl carbonate,    dibutyl hydrogen phosphite,    diethylene glycol dibutyl ether,    dihexyl ether,    diisopropylamine,    dipentylamine,    ethanol,    ethyl benzoate,    ethyl chloroacetate,    ethyl phenylacetate,    furfuryl alcohol,    heptyl acetate,    nitromethane,    octanol,    pyridine,    tetrachloromethane,    tetraethylene glycol dibutyl ether,    trans-ethyl cinnamate,    tributyl phosphate,    trichloromethane,    triethyl phosphate,    triethylenetetramine
100g dissolves:
302g bromoethane;    200g 2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diol;    173g d-camphor;    100g ethyl carbamate;    91.4g camphoric acid;    90.9g 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene;    71.3g 1,4-dibromobenzene;    66.6g 2,3,4,5-tetraiodopyrrole;    46.74g benzoic acid;    42.9g phenanthrene;    38.4g benzoic acid;    35.31g 3-nitrobenzoic acid;    35.1g iodine;    30.27g 2-nitrobenzoic acid;    25.06g octadecanoic acid;    24.5g benzophenone;    23.1g 4-nitrobenzyl chloride;    19.85g 3-chlorobenzoic acid;    19.2g iodoform;    16g morphine;    11.6g cocaine;    9g malonic acid;    8g codeine;    7.96g bis(2-methoxyphenyl) carbonate;    7.89g 3-nitroaniline;    6.1g 4-nitroaniline;    6.02g atropine;    5g 2,4,6-trinitrophenol;    3.17g 4-nitrobenzoic acid;    2.8g pilocarpine;    2.8g acetanilide;    2.45g 4-chlorobenzoic acid;    2.33g 1-methyl-1-phenylurea;    2.27g aconitine;    2.02g hyoscyamine;    1.58g 4'-ethoxyacetanilide;    1.5g 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene;    1.42g anthracene;    1.39g 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid;    1.3g antipyrine;    1.265g succinic acid;    1.2g hydroxylamine hydrochloride;    1.05g citric acid;    0.97g sulfur;    0.876g quinine;    0.876g quinine;    0.873g chrysarobin;    0.78g quinidine;    0.776g quinidine;    0.755g brucine;    0.71g thebaine;    0.684g phthalic acid;    0.61g (R,R)-tartaric acid;    0.57g physostigmine salicylate;    0.51g hydrastinine;    0.38g papaverine;    0.28g sulfur;    0.267g caffeine;    0.211g cinchonidine;    0.13g colchicine;    0.1g cinchonine;    0.07g andromedotoxin;    0.07g andromedotoxin;    0.062g hyoscyamine hydrobromide;    0.062g (4-methylphenyl)urea;    0.055g cinchonine;    0.053g apomorphine hydrochloride;    0.053g benzylurea;    0.043g strychnine;    0.032g theobromine;    0.0224g morphine;    0.0162g (2-methylphenyl)urea
1g dissolves in:
1.61g 1,4-dibromobenzene
Specific heat capacity:40.0 cal/molK
Latent heat of fusion:1,735 cal/mol


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