tripropyl phosphate

phosphoric acid tripropyl ester; propyl phosphate; tri-n-propyl orthophosphate; tripropyl orthophosphate; tri-n-propyl phosphate; tripropyl phosphate
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Formula:C9H21O4P; 224.24 g/mol
Molecular structure of tripropyl phosphate
Density:1.005 g/mL
Molar volume:223.1 mL/mol
Refractive index:1.417
Molecular refractive power:56.11 mL/mol
Dielectric constant:10.93
Dipole moment:2.93 D
Boiling point:252 °C
Surface tension:29.46 dyn/cm
Log10 partition octanol / water:1.87
Dimroth ET:40.5


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Molecular structure of tripropyl phosphate