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n. A terminal which has a display screen but which, because of hardware or software limitations, behaves like a teletype or other printing terminal. An example is the ADM-3 (without cursor control). A glass tty can't do neat display hacks, and you can't save the output either.
[from the Yiddish "glitshen", to slide] 1. n. A sudden interruption in electric service, sanity, or program function. Sometimes recoverable.
2. v. To commit a glitch. See GRITCH.
3.v. (Stanford) To scroll a display screen.
1.interj. Term of mild surprise, usually tinged with outrage, as when one attempts to save the results of two hours of editing and finds that the system has just crashed.
2.Used as a name for just about anything. See FOO.
3.v. Similar to GLITCH (q.v.), but usually used reflexively. "My program just glorked itself."
v. To consume or to obtain. GOBBLE UP tends to imply "consume", while GOBBLE DOWN tends to imply "obtain". "The output spy gobbles characters out of a TTY output buffer." "I guess I'll gobble down a copy of the documentation tomorrow." See SNARF.
(CMU) [perhaps from the generic term for dried hiker's food, stemming from the acronym "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts"] Another metasyntactic variable, like FOO and BAR.
v.1.(primarily MIT) To format code, especially LISP code, by indenting lines so that it looks pretty. Hence, PRETTY PRINT, the generic term for such operations.
2.To run seemingly interminably, performing some tedious and inherently useless task. Similar to CRUNCH.
1.n. A complaint (often caused by a GLITCH (q.v.)).
2.v. To complain. Often verb-doubled: "Gritch gritch".
[from the novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", by Robert Heinlein, where it is a Martian word meaning roughly "to be one with"] v. To understand, usually in a global sense.
[popularized by the cartoon strip "B.C." by Johnny Hart, but the word apparently predates that] v.1.To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it. More severe than "to frob" (q.v.).
2.To break. "The teletype scanner was gronked, so we took the system down."
3. GRONKED:adj. Of people, the condition of feeling very tired or sick.
4. GRONK OUT:v. To cease functioning. Of people, to go home and go to sleep. "I guess I'll gronk out now; see you all tomorrow."
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