A practical guide to structural analysis of carbohydrates

6. References

Determination of the D and L configuration of neutral monosaccharides by high-resolution capillary g.l.c.
Gerwig GJ, Kamerling JP, Vliegenthart JFG; Carbohydr Res 62 (1978) 349-357
Capillary g.l.c. on SE-30 of the trimethylsilylated (-)-2-butyl glycosides of D and L monosaccharides gives multiple peak patterns, which can be used for the assignment of the absolute configurations. (-)-2-Butyl glycosides can be prepared from monosaccharides or their methyl glycosides; consequently, for the analysis of oligo- or poly-saccharides, hydrolysis as well as methanolysis can be applied. Provided that the peaks of the (-)-2-butyl glycosides do not completely overlap, mixtures of monosaccharides can be analysed directly, as illustrated for the constituents of the cell-wall lipopolysaccharide from Salmonella typhimurium LT-2.