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Copy Protection:
(n.) a means of circumventing various rights granted by the Constitution so as to artificially inflate profits.
(n.) acronym for Central Purging Unit. A device which discards or distorts data sent to it, sometimes returning more data and sometimes merely over-heating.
(v.) to terminate a program in the usual fashion, i.e. by locking up the computer of setting fire to the printer.
(n.) the process of such termination.
(n.) raw information, esp. that supplied to the central purging unit for transformation and disposal.
Data Base Manager:
(n.) any fast filing system which gives misleading answers.
Also see: menu, bug.
(n.) a test foolishly but often believed to determine the reason for a particular failure. Competent professionals prefer the I Ching or phrenology.
(adj.) of or pertaining to the fingers, esp. to counting on them.
See: Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal.
(n.) a novel sold with software, designed to entertain the operator during episodes of bugs or glitches.
(n.) Acronym. a program which outputs questions given answers, putting users in jeopardy.
(v.) to simulate hardware glitches with software bugs.
(n.) a program which emulates.
See: Virtual.
(v.) to build somethign with bugs (software) or glitches (hardware).
(n.) One who engineers.
(v.) to erase irrevocably and unintentionally.
(n.) The process of such erasure.
(n.) a stack-oriented programming language written right to left and read from bottom to top. It runs efficently on no common computers and is written effectively by no common programmers.
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