Eluotrope series on alumina acc. Snyder

Sorted according to solvent elution strength on alumina (ε0).
L.R. Snyder in "High-Performance Liquid chromatography" C. Horvàth ed., Vol. 3, Academic Press, New York (1983)
Least polar
n-pentanestructure of n-pentane0.00
n-hexanestructure of n-hexane0.01
n-heptanestructure of n-heptane0.01
cyclohexanestructure of cyclohexane0.04
carbon disulfidestructure of carbon disulfide0.15
carbon tetrachloridestructure of carbon tetrachloride0.18
isopropyl etherstructure of isopropyl ether0.28
2-chloropropanestructure of 2-chloropropane0.29
toluenestructure of toluene0.29
1-chloropropanestructure of 1-chloropropane0.30
chlorobenzenestructure of chlorobenzene0.30
benzenestructure of benzene0.32
bromoethanestructure of bromoethane0.37
diethyl etherstructure of diethyl ether0.38
chloroformstructure of chloroform0.40
dichloromethanestructure of dichloromethane0.42
tetrahydrofuranstructure of tetrahydrofuran0.45
1,2-dichloroethanestructure of 1,2-dichloroethane0.49
ethyl methyl ketonestructure of ethyl methyl ketone0.51
acetonestructure of acetone0.56
dioxanestructure of dioxane0.56
ethyl acetatestructure of ethyl acetate0.58
methyl acetatestructure of methyl acetate0.60
1-pentanolstructure of 1-pentanol0.61
dimethyl sulfoxidestructure of dimethyl sulfoxide0.62
anilinestructure of aniline0.62
nitromethanestructure of nitromethane0.64
acetonitrilestructure of acetonitrile0.65
pyridinestructure of pyridine0.71
2-propanolstructure of 2-propanol0.82
ethanolstructure of ethanol0.88
methanolstructure of methanol0.95
ethylene glycolstructure of ethylene glycol1.11
acetic acidstructure of acetic acid>>1
Most polar