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Formula:H2O; 18.02 g/mol
Molecular structure of water
Density:1.000 g/mL
Molar volume:18.0 mL/mol
Refractive index:1.333
Molecular refractive power:3.71 mL/mol
Dielectric constant:80.10
Dipole moment:1.87 D
Melting point:0 °C
Boiling point:100 °C
Vapour pressure:18 Torr
Surface tension:72.80 dyn/cm
Viscosity:1.00 cP
Critical temperature:374 °C
Critical pressure:218.1 atm
Evaporation rate (butyl acetate):0.4
Solubility in water:100 % w/w
Solubility of water:100 % w/w
Log10 partition octanol / water:-1.38
Snyder P':10.2
Snyder X:Xe: 0.4    Xd: 0.4    Xn: 0.3
Dimroth ET:63.1
Hansen solubility parameter:δd: 7.6 (cal/ml)^0.5   δp: 7.8 (cal/ml)^0.5   δh: 20.7 (cal/ml)^0.5
100g dissolves:
733g chloroacetic acid;    678.2g cyanamide;    481g 2,3,3-trichloroprop-2-enoic acid;    433g 2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diol;    432g triethylsulfonium iodide;    383g 2-(3-methylbutyl)propanedioic acid;    378.8g N-methylaniline hydrochloride;    369.2g dimethylamine hydrochloride;    322g malonic acid;    285g 1-methyl-1-phenylurea;    250g cocaine hydrochloride;    247g ethylmalonic acid;    233g propylmalonic acid;    212g methylpropanedioic acid;    208g citric acid hydrate;    203.9g sucrose;    181g 2-oxalobenzoic acid;    177g pentanedioic acid;    165g malonic acid;    153.3g ethyl carbamate;    139.44g (R,R)-tartaric acid;    103g 1,3-dihydroxybenzene;    100g antipyrine;    97.5g acetamide;    81.32g hexamethylenetetramine;    79g urea;    77.9g 2-butylpropanedioic acid;    66.6g hyoscine hydrobromide;    62.5g 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene;    61.5g erythritol;    51g glycine;    51g methylbutanedioic acid;    45.1g 1,2-dihydroxybenzene;    44.9g morphine acetate;    35.3g 2-butanone;    30g 1,3-diaminobenzene;    29.2g 2-methylpropanoic acid;    25.12g myo-inositol;    24.4g 4-methylaniline;    23.7g (S)-mandelic acid;    23g succinimide;    22.8g butanoic acid;    22.5g 2-butanol;    21.7g lactose;    18.9g 2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetic acid;    18.6g rac-tartaric acid;    17.71g D-mannitol;    17.5g homatropine hydrobromide;    16.6g triethylamine;    16.47g L-alanine;    16g propanal;    15.46g 2,4-pentanedione;    12.3g butanedinitrile;    12.2g phenylhydrazine;    11.6g congo red;    10.7g propanenitrile;    10g 2-methylpropanoic anhydride;    10g ethyl formate;    9.6g colchicine;    9.1g thiourea;    9.05g phenol;    9g 2-methyl-1-propanol;    8.53g ethyl acetate;    8.5g vesuvin;    8.34g 3-iodopropanoic acid;    7.4g succinic acid;    7.2g 1,4-dihydroxybenzene;    6.18g methyl oxalate;    5.9g N-allylthiourea;    5.81g morphine hydrochloride;    5.67g cyclohexanol;    5g methyl propanoate;    4.8g 3-pentanone;    4.8g 2-acetoxybenzoic acid;    4.36g methylene blue;    4.16g salicin;    3.7g aniline;    3.7g 1,4-diaminobenzene;    3.6g butyric anhydride;    3.5g pentanoic acid;    3.2g bromine;    2.81g andromedotoxin;    2.81g andromedotoxin;    2.7g 2,2,3-trichlorobutane-1,1-diol;    2.6g pentanol;    2.53g apomorphine hydrochloride;    2.45g 2-methylphenol;    2.408g (-)-3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoic acid;    2.2g L-leucine;    2.19g 3-nitrophenol;    2.18g 3-methylphenol;    2.14g 1,3-dinitrobenzene;    2.1g propyl formate;    2.09g 3-nitrophthalic acid;    2g dichloromethane;    1.975g 3-hydroxy-2-phenylpropanoic acid;    1.94g 4-methylphenol;    1.89g 2-methoxyphenol;    1.83g coniine;    1.74g benzylurea;    1.7g ethyl propanoate;    1.7g propyl acetate;    1.7g methyl butanoate;    1.67g phenylacetic acid;    1.64g phenylacetic acid;    1.5g 2-methylaniline;    1.46g caffeine;    1.45g 2,4,6-trinitrophenol;    1.44g hexanedioic acid;    1.419g iodomethane;    1.38g physostigmine salicylate;    1.34g 4-nitrophenol;    1.32g 1,4-dinitrobenzene;    1.16g 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid;    1.148g dibromomethane;    1.13g benzene-1,3,5-triol dihydrate;    1.11g 2,4,6-trinitrophenol;    1g 2-methylpropyl formate;    0.967g 4-nitro-1,3-benzenedicarboxylic acid;    0.967g 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.914g bromoethane;    0.9g 3-hydroxybenzoic acid;    0.895g (2Z)-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.882g 2-fluorobenzoic acid;    0.84g codeine;    0.83g aloin;    0.8g camphoric acid;    0.8g camphoric acid;    0.7812g 3-methylbenzenesulfonamide;    0.762g (2Z)-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.75g 3-phenylpropionic acid;    0.741g 4-bromo-3-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.738g 2-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.712g trichloromethane;    0.712g trichloromethane;    0.7g 3-phenylpropionic acid;    0.7g 3-hydroxybenzoic acid;    0.7g allantoin;    0.688g (2Z)-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.67g 3-aminobenzoic acid;    0.625g 5,5-diethylbarbituric acid;    0.6194g phthalic anhydride;    0.6g propyl propanoate;    0.54g acetanilide;    0.54g phthalic acid;    0.526g ethyl 2-ethylbutanoylcarbamate;    0.52g theophylline;    0.519g 2-aminobenzoic acid;    0.5g ethyl butanoate;    0.5g 2-methylpropyl acetate;    0.5g 4-hydroxybenzoic acid;    0.44g 4-hydroxybenzoic acid;    0.42g N-benzoylglycine;    0.41g ethyl N-(3-methylbutyl)carbamate;    0.4g saccharin;    0.39325g (Z)-2-bromo-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.368g benzoic acid;    0.355g hyoscyamine;    0.341g 3-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.333g novocain;    0.318g 2-bromopropane;    0.3156g 4-methylbenzenesulfonamide;    0.31g trional;    0.308g 3-fluorobenzoic acid;    0.307g (4-methylphenyl)urea;    0.305g 2-chloropropane;    0.3g benzaldehyde;    0.3g 3-methylbutyl formate;    0.29g benzoic acid;    0.272g 1-chloropropane;    0.2613g ethylmorphine;    0.26g cholesterol;    0.251g (2-methylphenyl)urea;    0.25g 2-acetoxybenzoic acid;    0.245g 1-bromopropane;    0.241g heptanoic acid;    0.24g 1-phenyl-2-thiourea;    0.2316g 2-nitrobenzaldehyde;    0.225g 2-chlorobenzoic acid;    0.2225g 4-hydroxyazobenzene;    0.222g nonanedioic acid;    0.222g atropine;    0.22g 5-nitro-1,3-benzenedicarboxylic acid;    0.22g sulfonal;    0.217g carbon disulfide;    0.216g 2-nitro-1,3-benzenedicarboxylic acid;    0.212g 1-phenyl-2-thiourea;    0.21g 1,2-dinitrobenzene;    0.2087g 2-chlorobenzoic acid;    0.208g 2-nitrophenol;    0.208g ethylmorphine;    0.201g cyclohexanecarboxylic acid;    0.2g pentyl acetate;    0.2g 3-methylbutyl acetate;    0.19g 4'-methoxyacetanilide;    0.187g N-(propan-2-ylideneamino)aniline;    0.185g 2-bromobenzoic acid;    0.18g tetronal;    0.18g 2-hydroxybenzoic acid;    0.173g ethyl 3-methylbutanoate;    0.167g 3-nitroaniline;    0.1625g 3-nitrobenzaldehyde;    0.1624g 2-methylbenzenesulfonamide;    0.16g octanedioic acid;    0.157g 5-nitro-1,3-benzenedicarboxylic acid hydrate;    0.143g ethyl 2-ethylpentanoylcarbamate;    0.14g 2-iodopropane;    0.14g cocaine;    0.125g 2-nitroaniline;    0.125g tribromomethane;    0.12g methyl 2-hydroxybenzoate;    0.12g ethyne;    0.1198g 2,4,5-trimethylaniline;    0.118g 2-methylbenzoic acid;    0.11g d-camphor;    0.107g 1-iodopropane;    0.107g 4-fluorobenzoic acid;    0.1g pentyl propanoate;    0.1g octadecanoic acid;    0.098g 3-methylbenzoic acid;    0.0952g 2-iodobenzoic acid;    0.088g 3-hydroxy-4-isopropyltoluene;    0.082g benzene;    0.08g tetrachloromethane;    0.08g 4-nitroaniline;    0.0766g 4'-ethoxyacetanilide;    0.074g 2-naphthol;    0.074g methyl 2-hydroxybenzoate;    0.06g pentyl butanoate;    0.06g phthalimide;    0.057g quinine;    0.057g veratrine;    0.0563g brucine;    0.05255g (Z)-3-bromo-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.0525g 1,3-dinitrobenzene;    0.0506g quinine;    0.05g diazoaminobenzene;    0.0495g (2E)-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid;    0.047g 2-chloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.045g 3-chlorobenzoic acid;    0.0402g 3-bromobenzoic acid;    0.04g ethyl 2-propylpentanoylcarbamate;    0.04g bis(4-dimethylaminophenyl)methanone;    0.035g 4-methylbenzoic acid;    0.034g octadecanoic acid;    0.033g hydrastinine;    0.033g 2-bromo-3-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.033g hydroxyacetic acid;    0.032g ethyl 2-propylhexanoylcarbamate;    0.031g aconitine;    0.0305g theobromine;    0.03g rosaniline;    0.03g azobenzene;    0.03g benzoin;    0.03g diphenylamine;    0.0288g morphine;    0.0283g morphine;    0.028g 4-nitrobenzoic acid;    0.02565g iodine;    0.0255g cinchonidine;    0.0254g morphine;    0.0239g cinchonine;    0.0226g 4-methoxybenzoic acid;    0.0225g helianthin;    0.0225g helianthin;    0.021g ethyl N-heptylcarbamate;    0.021g chrysarobin;    0.021g 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene;    0.021g cinchonidine;    0.0204g 2,3,4,5-tetraiodopyrrole;    0.0202g quinidine;    0.02g santonin;    0.02g 4-[(4-dimethylamino)phenylazo]benzenesulfonic acid;    0.02g quinidine;    0.0175g phenolphthalein;    0.016g N,N-dimethyl-4-phenyldiazenylaniline;    0.01519g 4-isopropylbenzoic acid;    0.015g phenyl 2-hydroxybenzoate;    0.014g 1,2-dinitrobenzene;    0.0131g cinchonine;    0.013g benzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid;    0.0125g strychnine;    0.0116g 3-iodobenzoic acid;    0.0106g iodoform;    0.01g piperine;    0.01g coumarin;    0.0093g 4-chlorobenzoic acid;    0.008g ethyl 2-butylhexanoylcarbamate;    0.0066g argon;    0.006g 7,9-dihydro-3H-purine-2,6,8-trione;    0.0056g 4-bromobenzoic acid;    0.005g fluorescein;    0.00445g noscapine;    0.003g naphthalene;    0.0027g 4-iodobenzoic acid;    0.0006g 1,2-dihydroxy-9,10-anthracenedione;    0.00035g 1-hydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione;    0.000158g dantron;    0.00011g 2-hydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione;    0.00003g 2,6-dihydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione;    0.0000285g 1,5-dihydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione;    0.0000012g 1,4-dihydroxyanthraquinone
1g dissolvs in:
0.39g triethylamine;    2.50g 2-butanol;    3.58g phenol;    6.25g 2-methyl-1-propanol;    8.87g cyclohexanol;    9.43g pentanoic acid;    11.49g butanedinitrile;    12.66g propanenitrile;    32.57g ethyl acetate;    121.65g trichloromethane;    442.48g trichloromethane
Specific heat capacity:18.0 cal/molK
Latent heat of fusion:1,432 cal/mol